Why shouldn't leaves hang down into the vase water?

Leaves contaminate the vase water, just like stems do.  The stems have to be in the water, the leaf, however serves no purpose in the water.  Chrysal recommends to remove leaves right up to the water level.  The additional positive effect of this is that it decreases the amount of evaporation because the total leaf surface is decreased.

All of the contamination, plant protection products and remnants of  fertilizers contaminate the vase water.  Hygiene and prevention of infection of the vase water provide the best contribution to a long vase life and vase water that has no foul odor.


  • Always clean your vases & cutting tools.
  • Remove thorns carefully, if you have to do it at all.
  • Make sure to use cut flower food.
  • If your design has a leaf at the bottom of the vase, use faux foliage ribbon available at your local Floral wholesaler

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