Why do you need different flower foods for different flowers?

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Would you serve a lion fancy feast cat food? Probably not!

Would you serve your cat a big fat piece of Zebra meat? Probably not!

So why give roses a packet of bulb flower food.

All cut flowers benefit from the active ingredients in a cut flower food by absorbing those through the cut surface at the stem end. Like different animals their needs differ from flower to flower. This depends on on their sensitivity to post-harvest stress. For instance the Rose is a woody stemmed flower that is similar to Hydrangeas in the fact that they need lots and lots of Hydration solution.  Bulb flowers such as Tulips, Lilies, etc. need less sugars in their food than the sugar loving Rose.

These following factors are important for fine-tuning the composition of a cut flower per flower type:

  • flower petal development (shape,size,scent,color)
  • water pollution (turbid water, nasty smell, stem discoloration, bent-neck, limp stems/leaves and flowers, vascular blockage.
  • lack or surplus of plant growth regulators (leaf yellowing premature aging, petal and leaf drop, stem elongation)
  • toxins released by other flowers (Narcissus slime, greens).

When faced with  flower-specific  problem remember that there are special cut flower foods developed specially for that flower.

Chrysal has developed special cut flower foods for flowers such as: Roses, Lilies, Tulips (all bulbous flowers), mixed bouquets and many more.


For Roses & woody stemmed flowers



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