Why do flowers in mixed bouquets not bloom at the same time?

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Unequal Opening

During vase life evaluation of mixed bouquets the individual flowers are not necessarly in the same mature stage. Gerbera, Carnations or Chrysanthmum are already open, while others like Roses, Iris’ and lilies are still in an immature stage.  What is the reason behind this unequal opening?  Just like when you are picking out an outfit you usually shop around different stores or maybe you shopped at the same store but definitely a different department.  Same applies to mixed bouquets, not all the flowers are grown together and some varieties look great together but mature at different times.


Which factors influence the flower development from bud to fully open flowers?

1.  Harvest Stage: Flowers such as Chrysanthemums, Carnations and Gerberas are harvested already in an open stage.  So when present in a mixed bouquet they will be the most developed flower/

2.  Need for food: Some flowers such as Roses and Eustoma, react positively when flower food is used because of their immature stage and as such need a lot of food to develop to a full flowering stage.

3.  Vase Water pollution: Vase water without any flower food will quickly be polltued with micro-organisms.  Some flowers such as Roses, Gerbera and a lot of summer flowers are very sentive for pollution.  When this occurs, flower development will be reduced or totally cease.  Other flowers, such as spray carnations are less sensitive to pollution and if these are mixed within a mixed bouquet they will develop better compared to the Roses.



What can Chrysal do to get more equal flowering mixed bouquets?

  • Trade: By Using Chrysal Clear Professional during the transport and display phase the trade can prevent unequal development.
  • Consumer: By using Chrysal Clear Cut Flower Food the flower development will be even more.


Both Chrysal products also slow down the development of pollution.

Click to watch how a mixed bouquet performs with & without Chrysal Flower Food


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