Weddings are an all around joyous occasion with many beautiful and memorable moments. One moment that always stands out is when the gorgeous bride takes her stride down the aisle. Last time we blogged about the current trending cascade bouquet. As beautiful as these oversized and long bouquets are, they are not for everyone. An option to consider is the glamelia or composite bouquet.

Glamelias or composite bouquets are made of many petals from different flowers to form one large one. The name itself originated from the 1940’s and 50’s. During the war, camelia blooms were too expensive.  So people took the petals of the less expensive gladiolas and made them into what looked like the more expensive flower (via First Come Flowers).

Whichever bridal bouquet you choose to go with, it’s important to keep them looking fresh. Especially with light colored bouquets where wilting is more noticeable, try Chrysal Professional Glory a unique holding spray that helps to retain essential moisture within the cut flower or foliage without the need for extra hydration. When used in place of traditional water, misting will retard deterioration and keep flowers and leaves firm.

We asked the talented Deborah De la Flor to teach us techniques on how to arrange spiral hand tied bouquets. Click on the images to view Deborah’s techniques on video.

Here are a few tips:

  • Always ask for the freshest flowers.
  • Keep twisting in your hands and move around to see all angels
  • Keep design CLEAN and focus on colors
  • Use zip ties to help keep flowers in place, careful to snap flowers or to make it too loose
  • DON’T forget to use FRESH FLOWER FOOD!
  • For transportation use Arrive Alive by Chrysal





Click HERE & see how to use ARRIVE ALIVE by CHRYSAL

Times are tough and so are wedding budgets.  Recently our friend Brett at Forever Blossoms was asked to do a small wedding for a friend.  The wedding was intimate and took place at a private home with only 20 guest.  The bride originally wanted white phaleonopsis orchids, but being on a budget, couldn’t afford the cost.  She opted for green and white dendrobium orchids instead, keeping her cost down without sacrificing the simple and elegant look she wanted to achieve.  An assortment of tropical greens including ti leaves, aspidistra, and bear grass helped give the arrangements volume and texture.

Brett took a sticky situation and made these marvelous arrangements, our favorite was the elegant and fun bouquet.  We often hear brides asking for expensive varieties like Callas, Hydrangeas and Orchids but tend to get sticker shock when they hear the price.  Several florist told us that they use color schemes to keep the customer happy when substituting flowers due to budgets.

Click below to watch a funny video made by a florist:

How much do your wedding flowers cost.

This past weekend a Chrysal friend and flower designer got hitched.  Leti, owner and head designer for FuNKy bUds, married her sweetheart ShawnPaul in an intimate ceremony by the bay in Coral Gables, Fl.  The night was filled with natural beauty from the radiant bride, to the spectacular scenery and gorgeous white flowers EVERYWHERE.   The bride opted for simple yet elegant Calla Lily bouquet and adorned it with a pictured of her grandfather.  The night was perfect with a live band playing irresistible danceable hits, an array of sinfully good seafood appetizers and lots and lots of champagne (I still have that champagne headache) As the end of the party approached they brought out a bunch of balloons, glasses and hats…not a single person looked “dull” and the excitement was quickly documented and posted on facebook.  Those colorful and fun pictures made the “like” buttons go crazy!

Must say outdoor weddings are the best, so long the weather is working for you and  Leti & SP had all the luck that night, must have been all those well wishes & love the couple surrounded themselves with.

Congrats to the bride and groom and cheers to a new chapter & new adventures!!!

The couple will be honeymooning next April in Thailand!!

Here is a link to FuNKy bUds fb page: