Come Valentine’s Day, you may have many flowers that will be looking for a new home.  When choosing the best vase for your flowers, it’s important to consider the make-up and size of the vase that will work best for your flower.  Any kind of container may be used for displaying flowers, however some are more suitable than others for ensuring good flower development.  Here is some information to consider when choosing the best vase for your flowers.

Choice of Vases

Let’s discuss a few vase materials, ranking them from the best to the worst.


An inert material, no reaction between the vase solution and the vase, easy to clean.


Older vases might have pores where micro-organisms can settle, more difficult to clean, risk of dull vases due to pollution.


Relatively neutral but polluting in the long run due to small scratches if used intensively, then becoming more difficult to clean properly.


If glazed: relatively neutral, when this protection is absent or damaged: micro-organisms might settle and this type of container becomes more difficult to clean.


Cut flower foods are generally acidic solutions and i not, the flower turns the vase solution into an acid environment. This increases the risk of exchange of ions from the metal vases into the solution. Most of these metals are toxic to the flower. It is therefore important to always use an inner vase i.e. plastic.

What size should the vase be?

The “Best Match” is the best-fitting combination of a bouquet and a vase.  There is a logical relationship between the size, height and weight of a bouquet of cut flowers and the size, height and weight of the vase, which ensures that:

  • the flowers stand up straight
  • the vase can preferably hold enough water for at least one week
  • the vase weighs enough not to fall over i.e. not “top heavy”
  • the desired arrangement is achieved
  • flower arrangers often have as a rule of thumb that the height of the vase should be between 40 and 60 % of the height of the bouquet

Quick Tip for Storing your Vases and Containers

The best way to store your vases and containers is storing them upside down.  This prevents droplets of moisture from settling at the bottom of a vase after cleaning, which is the perfect environment for the development of bacteria.  Also, storing vases upside down will prevent dust and dirt from settling at the bottom of the vase during storage.  As a precaution, it is wise to scrub and rinse the vase well before filling it up with flower food, water, and flowers.


Chrysal works with some of the major glass manufacturers worldwide to stay up to date with the trends.  Chrysal recently partnered with Hakbijl, to distribute a Euro-trendy line of glass in the U.S.

Images courtesy of the inspirational booklet by Hakbijl & Dekker Chrysanten with our Trend Selection flower food line

Color trends are constantly changing the floral industry with every passing year and season.  The color palette for flowers is looking more and more like the paint aisle at your local home improvement store, having every color and shade available to choose from.  It’s important to stay up to date with what colors are “in” so you can choose the popular colors to use in your floral arrangements.

Moving into the new year, we are seeing a lot of bright, bold and vibrant colors trending upward.  The hot pinks, lime greens, and deep blues are amongst some of the favorites right now.  Also, pastel palettes are a big favorite for creating light and delicate floral arrangements.  Pantone recently named the color for Spring 2014 and it is Dazzling Blue.  As well, don’t forget about the usual fall trends of reds, oranges, and auburns which are always prominent this time of year.

Neil Gold of Galleria Farms shared with us his knowledge of the trends.  Neil looks to other industries like fashion and home decor for trend ideas and keeps up to date by attending seminars on color trends.  It’s good to know that the suppliers are keeping up with the trends and offering you the popular colors, even offering special hand painted flowers to meet your color needs.  Color specialists such as Pantone and CMG begin planning for color trends two years in advance.

Chrysal conducts its own research along with Trend Logic by Flora Holland to create our Trend Selection Sachets. These flower food packets are a great reminder to your customers that your art is made to last longer.  Click here to see Chrysal’s Trend Selection Flower Food Packets.

A unique and cost-efficient way to use the trend forecast is to find products that complement the color trends of the year.  Whites, greens, yellows, and oranges are always good complements to Dazzling Blue.  Your brides and/or clients might be already using the 2014 color palette in a lot of other areas of the event, so its important to understand complementary color schemes.  Don’t forget to print out the Pantone 2014 color palette and start inspiration boards on Pinterest to get ideas for your arrangements.




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The Chrysanthemum has even been proven by NASA’s clean air study, to reduce the emissions of indoor air pollution. Extracts of this unique, but common flower can be used as a medicine, including treatment for HIV. Even John Steinbeck, one of the most prolific authors in United States history wrote a short story entitled “The Chrysanthemums.”

There are many reasons to enjoy these beautiful flowers, and it all starts with handling them right!

Vase Life: 8-10 days, often even longer.

Special Handling Needs:

  • Respect temperature parameters. Store flowers at 34-38F.
  • Avoid high temperatures because overheating causes foliage to yellow
  • Avoid dripping on flower heads to reduce Botrytis potential
  • Give breathing room when filling buckets.

Wholesale/Retail level:

  • Chrysanths need bacteria-clean solutions (Chrysal Professional #1 hydration) to insure good flow, but are not particularly sugar-needy (flower food).
  • Recommend to give a clean, cut no ABSOLUTELY do not pound stems!

RETAIL handling

  • Give stems a fresh cut. Place in Chrysal Professional #2 processing solution (low sugar)
  • Allow bunches to drink for 2-4 hours before using in design or placing on sales floor


  • Start clean. Gives stems a fresh cut
  • Fill vases with Chrysal flower food according to direction
  • Top-up with fresh food, not tap water

Check out Dekker Chrysanthen Chrysanthemum’s: