Weddings are an all around joyous occasion with many beautiful and memorable moments. One moment that always stands out is when the gorgeous bride takes her stride down the aisle. Last time we blogged about the current trending cascade bouquet. As beautiful as these oversized and long bouquets are, they are not for everyone. An option to consider is the glamelia or composite bouquet.

Glamelias or composite bouquets are made of many petals from different flowers to form one large one. The name itself originated from the 1940’s and 50’s. During the war, camelia blooms were too expensive.  So people took the petals of the less expensive gladiolas and made them into what looked like the more expensive flower (via First Come Flowers).

Whichever bridal bouquet you choose to go with, it’s important to keep them looking fresh. Especially with light colored bouquets where wilting is more noticeable, try Chrysal Professional Glory a unique holding spray that helps to retain essential moisture within the cut flower or foliage without the need for extra hydration. When used in place of traditional water, misting will retard deterioration and keep flowers and leaves firm.

Have you ever kept a favorite shirt just hoping that style comes back, even though it is over 2 decades old.  Well trends do come back and it seems the “VINTAGE” trend is going strong.  Here is a wedding where the bride was inspired with a Romantic/Vintage feel.  Even though she wanted vintage flowers, we made sure to keep the flowers alive and colorful, not brown and outdated.  Chrysal Glory combats premature browning and deterioration.

It’s summer and to many that means long hot days and for others it means Wedding time.  Chrysal fan and Forever Blossoms designer Brett Usina worked his magic recently for a stupendous wedding in Groove Isle, FL.  His arrangements included Sarah Bernhardt Peonies, Polar Star Roses, Esperance Roses, White Hypericum, White Hydrangea, Pink Lisianthus, Hanging Green Amaranthus, Green Dendrobium Orchids, White Phaleonopsis Orchids, and Wax Flower.  Brett made sure to  hydrated his flowers with Chrysal Professional 2 T-Bags and Chrysal RosePro Solutions for his perfectly Pink Peonies.  In order to guarantee the fresh look to the bride in groom he used Chrysal Professional Glory which prevented the petals from wilting and provided a shield to protect against evaporation.

We love the color combination and the use of the Peonies in the aisle & marvelous chuppah!  Great job Brett!!! Check out the gorgeous pictures below.

Here are some tips for Peonies:


  • Prepare clean buckets (or vases) with Chrysal RosePro Vase food
  • Follow mixing instructions on label. Use cold water
  • Cut 1-2 inches from stems. Immediately place flowers in prepared cold solution
  • Allow flowers to drink 2-4hrs min. before designing. (Overnight in cooler even better!)
  • Flowers can stay in same solution up to 5-6 days
  • Watch solution level—peonies are BIG drinkers!
  • Top up containers with fresh solution (not tap water)
  • Vase life potential ranges 4-7days depending on variety, cut stage, age & treatments

Cut flower food prolongs the vase life more than 60% over water treatment


For wet-pack s hipping and sales display ~

  • Store boxes cold (34-36F)
  • Prepare clean buckets with cold water and correct amount of Professional #2 (liquid or Tbags)
  • Cut 1-2 inches and place immediately into Professional #2 solution
  • Store buckets in cooler (34-36F) 
  • Advantages of Professional #2 treatment
    • Low-sugar flower food boost flow in stems
    • Lowers pH to 3.5—5.0 range to dissolve air blockages in stems—boosting flow!
    • Controls pollution up to 5 days
    • Provides energy to keep foliage and flowers turgid

“April shower’s bring May flowers.” Every May high school seniors have the opportunity to attend their senior prom, arguably the most memorable extracurricular scholastic event. A beautiful compliment to the tuxedo’s, dress’s, and limos, are corsages and boutonnieres. Flowers can make your prom date feel special, and shows how considerate you are for your date. It’s important to create a matching corsage and boutonniere combination in accordance to the dress/tux color. Prom is clearly an event, and has been demonstrated on television shows like MTV’s Laguna Beach, and more recently FOX’s hit teen drama Glee. If art imitates life then the popular teen drama Glee shows Prom flowers are more traditional this year.  Carnations, Gardenias and simple ribbons adorned the wrists of the two major Glee beauties.  The guys wore simple and matching boutonnieres.  Blogs and websites are advising seniors that it is best to get corsages and boutonnieres on the day of the event to ensure freshness. To enhance your prom flowers, Chrysal glory is the ideal spray on liquid shield that reduces evaporation, prevents browning and combats deterioration. This ensures that all guys will remain “Prom Royalty,” and will have their dates impressed when their corsage is presented. Guys can also make the night memorable by providing their date with a fresh bouquet to complement the corsage. The way seniors dress for their prom, or even how they get to their prom will always be changing, but one thing is for sure to remain constant, flowers!

A GLEE-ful Prom:

Chrysal Professional Glory:

  • Holding spray for flowers and foliage reducing moisture loss
  • For use with foam arrangements, buttonholes, corsages etc.
  • Odorless and stainless

  • Retards deterioration

How to use

Chrysal Professional Glory:

Step 1. Shake well before use.

Step 2. Remove wax residue from tip of nozzle

Step 3. Spray from a distance of 10″-16″ (25-40 cm)