Chrysal Leafshine new look, same shine!

Chrysal International announced that they plan to refresh their packaging of the Chrysal brand in 2015. Since 1929 the Pokon and Chrysal brand has been an international leader in flower and plant care.

In 2007 the Pokon brand was divested and products began to be marketed under the Chrysal brand. In doing so, Pokon leafshine was rebranded under the Chrysal name.  “Pokon green or Chrysal blue, the shine has been fine since 1929!” says Jim Kaplan, President of Chrysal Americas.

Chrysal leafshine is oil free, includes no CFC’s and adds an instant natural gloss to leaves of plants and cut foliage. It removes water spots and calcium deposits and it gives a protective shiny layer, which keeps dust away. Furthermore, the evaporation of water is reduced, which will prolong the lifetime of the plants and cut foliage.

The refreshed look will be introduced around the summer and will be available throughout local Wholesalers and Chrysal Distributors globally.

Be sure to look for our signature 25% Free can with the bright blue top.

One way we show appreciation and celebrate motherhood is by giving flowers. If you’re unfamiliar with the language of flowers it may be difficult to choose the right type considering the many varieties and colors that are out there. The following is a small list of popular Mother’s Day flowers and their meanings to help you narrow down your choices.


Symbolizes pride and beauty. A red carnation symbolizes love, pride and admiration; pink carnations symbolizes love of a mother.


Although white lilies are associated with funerals, there are many other types lilies to pick from. Calla lilies signify beauty and Day lilies are the Chinese symbol for motherhood.


Orchids are exotic plants the symbolize refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm. They also symbolize proud and glorious femininity.


Roses of various colors convey a number of different meanings. A bouquet of mature rose blooms sends a message of gratitude; white roses signify virtue, purity, and reverence. A rose symbolizes grace in a medium pink hue, gratitude in a dark pink color, and youthful joy in light pink.


These bright and cheerful flowers send a message of adoration and respect. Similarly gerbera daisies have a joyful look in their myriad colors. Daisies are traditionally a symbol of beauty, and gerbera daisies also signify cheerfulness and playfulness.


The general message of tulips is love. More specifically, pink tulips signify caring and red tulips suggest true love. Yellow tulips, as might be guessed from their appearance, bring a message of cheerful thoughts.


Violets signify faithfulness and devotion. The gift of a violet plant can provide a lasting reminder of your appreciation for a mother’s devotion.

There are numerous factors that play into determining the duration of flower vase life. Such factors involve the genetic lifespan, growing conditions and post-harvest conditions of the flowers.


Flower development and it’s duration, in connection with climatic conditions and other factors, are different for each flower type. The seed growers determine what the expectations are regarding lifespan after harvest and of course any deviations from the optimum care will lead to a short vase life for the consumer.


Growing conditions, such as light, temperature, relative humidity, fertilization and crop protection have a marked effect on the post-harvest quality of the flower, such as length, shape, color and deviation of stem and flower. These factors, however, do not affect the genetic lifespan expectations.


  • Temperature and humidity in particular, determine whether the cut flower will be delivered to the consumer in good condition after the harvest. Higher temperatures promote flower development. Humidity plays an indirect role in the condensation process during multiple and temperature fluctuations and promotes the growth of the fungus Botrytis.
  • Lack of hygiene promotes the development of micro-organisms, which can cause water to become turbid and smelly.
  • Cut flowers come from all corners of the globe and they are shipped across huge distances. Climate control, good packaging, post-harvest treatment and speed are very important for quality conservation.  We must assume that each distribution day diminishes the vase life to some degree.
  • Using the most suitable post-harvest treatment for each flower type is one of the measures needed to get the flowers through the distribution chain intact. Essentially, these products replace the mother plant and all the required raw materials that make the natural development of the stem, leaf, and flower possible, as if they were still on the intact plant.



Why and when to clean flower vases?

Decomposing pieces of leaves and thorns, dust and other pollutants from the air, contaminate the vase water. All these decomposition products, organic matter, moulds and dead bacteria can be a food source for micro-organisms. The vascular bundles in the stem, required for absorbing water, can become plugged by this contamination. That is why it is a good habit to clean the containers and vases immediately after use. Chlorine-based or ‘softer’ products can be used for this, such as washing-up liquid or Chrysal Cleaner. Let it soak for a while before scrubbing and rinsing.





October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Chrysal and Hakbijl were proud to donate 40 cents for every pink Collin vase sold.  The donation was awarded to the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Sales manager, Dennis Wheeler promised to continue promoting the campaign and projected to double the donation next year!

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center integrates all cancer-related activities of the faculty of the University of Miami. This includes all cancer treatment, research and education, and outreach conducted at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine and within the University of Miami Health System (UHealth).

It is extremely important to get an early start on your Valentines Day preparation.  We feel that a clean start is always the best start.  In order to make sure your Valentine Flowers will look beautiful and maintain optimal freshness throughout the season, it is important to start clean by following Chrysal’s best floral cleaning practices.  For the best results, use Chrysal Professional Cleaner.  Chrysal Professional Cleaner is a flower friendly cleaning agent ideal for all buckets, vases, containers, work tables, walls and coolers.  Easy to use and biodegrable formula.  More efficient than bleach and smells better too!  Here are some care and handling tips for keeping your floral buckets and tools clean.

  • Prepare your cleaning solution with cold water and with proper dosage in a spray bottle.  Correct dose ensures 100% efficiency!
  • Spray buckets and tools with your cleaning agent and scrub using a scrub brush
  • With buckets, make sure your are cleaning the inside, outside and even the bottom of your buckets (if your stacking)
  • Once your work station, buckets and tools are cleaned, rinse off the remaining cleaning solution residue with water (For a more efficient clean, let the cleaner sit for a few minutes before rinsing off your tools and buckets)
  • Make sure you are also cleaning and wiping down all work tables and stations
  • Clean frequently throughout the day (3-5 times a day is recommended but will vary based on work performed)

Check out our Youtube page ChrysalCares for videos on proper cleaning procedures as well as many other care and handling tips!


The Ride is a mass cycle ride to raise money for KWF Kankerbestrijding (the Dutch Cancer Society). Cancer is something that can strike any of us! Modeled on Lance Armstrong’s original initiative, the Dutch version of Ride for the Roses has been held annually since 1998. The Ride took place September 4th this year.

Chysal was happy to sponsor and participate again in the “Pre Ride for the Roses” as well as the “Ride for the Roses”.
The Pre Ride involves small teams of all the flower auctions (so Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, et cet) and additional sponsors from the horticultural business. They main target of the Ride and the Pre Ride is to raise money for the KWF foundation to support cancer research. Chrysal donated rose sachets for the retail promotion done with Albert Heijn.

The Ride raised a total amount of € 1.517.535,27 for the KWF foundation. We’re proud to be part of this and want to thank the team for their participation and enthusiasm to do so.







































For more information on The Ride visit:

Chrysal, world leaders in premium flower care products recently held their international meeting at their head offices in Naarden, The Netherlands. The meeting was attended by around 50 colleagues from the Dutch head office and its’ subsidiaries around the world with delegates from America, UK, France, Germany, China, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Colombia and the newly formed Chrysal Africa all attending. As well as new product development, the meeting focused heavily on the company’s CSR program including the Chrysal Cares initiative.

Within this program, Chrysal has defined six key pillars, those being climate, materials, supply chain responsibility, employees, fair partner and local involvement and all of these were evident in the presentations given and the actions being undertaken by Chrysal. As a symbol of their efforts trees were planted in the grounds of Chrysal International to help, in part, offset CO2 emissions of colleagues worldwide travel. Detail as to how Chrysal, as a global company, is actively reducing energy consumption, concentrating formulations and reducing packaging were presented as well as taking production to source with the establishment of Chrysal Colombia and more recently Chrysal Africa in Kenya.

The Dutch tradition of getting from A to B by bicycle could hardly be ignored, so company vehicles were parked up and swapped for two wheels when traveling to meeting venues and evening programs, and all involved were appreciative of good weather throughout the days!

International charity Water for People also benefited from the week’s meeting with Chrysal donating Euro 500 to their tireless activities; in their mission to build a world where all people have access to safe drinking water and sanitation, and where no one suffers or dies from a water or sanitation related disease.

Chrysal will continue to look for savings in water, energy, materials and to reduce the company’s carbon footprint worldwide and delegates returned to their own location with a renewed sense of vision and purpose.