Bumpy pumpkins are awesome!!!

Want to snatch attention away from the turkey on the harvest table? Make a flower centerpiece in a bumpy pumpkin. Easy. Whack the top off the pumpkin, scoop out the guts and line the interior with a piece of thick plastic—a heavy-duty garbage bag cut open works well. Make sure to cut it large enough so there it overlaps the edge of the pumpkin about 4 inches. The foam and water pulls the plastic deeper into the cavity than you expect. A recycled yogurt tub makes a great container to support a chunk of foam. Soak the foam in flower food first to maximize flower longevity.

Prep the berries, twigs and assorted foliages in water treated with a Gerbera pill to wash off  dust and germs that foul the water fast (sacrificing longevity). Then prep the flowers in Chrysal Professional 2 so they are 100% juiced and ready to go all the way.

This year give thanks for creativity.

Image Courtesy of Society Bride

Hypericum Berries

With 18 different varieties, the Hypericum Berries are the perfect fit for every season. The Hypericum Berries have multiple berries on each stem making them a wonderful filler and accent for many different looks.

But how to handle your Hypericum Berries?! 


Process Hypericum in Chrysal Professional # 3
(the same solution used to fill vases and soak foam)

Our Senior Technical manager, Rolf Timmerman, informs us that a major importer in the Dutch market treats all his hypericum (imported from Ecuador and Africa) with an overnight drink on Chrysal Professional # 3 to get the berries swelling to a bigger size.

More color, more interest!


DETAILS – Chrysal Professional #3


  • Liquid = 1oz per ½ gallon.
  • Powder = 1oz per 3qts water.



  • Lowers pH to boost flow.
  • Keeps water clear and flowing up to 5-7 days depending on temperature.
  • Provides nutrients for bigger berries, improved color vibrancy.

Christmas foliage and berries need special care and handling.  It is important to understand some temperature and ethylene information for storing your Christmas greens so they will keep fresh and healthy throughout the entire winter season.  Here are a few things to consider for your sensitive Christmas greens.


  • Cooler Temperatures:  should be between 33-35 F
  • Good air flow is important, store bundles on pallets, not directly on floors
  • Any foliage will produce high amounts of ethylene if there is Botrytis inside
  • Cool bundles 24 hours before covering with plastic to avoid condensation (Botrytis)
  • Know which greens are high, moderate, and low ethylene producers to provide the proper care
  • For more tips and suggestions, click here

High Ethylene Producers/ Ethylene Sensitive

Store these greens apart from flowers

  1. Douglas Fir
  2. Redwood
  3. Juniper
  4. Holly and Mistletoe

Handle Holly like a fresh cut

  • Vase life is greatly improved if you store Holly very cold (33-34F)
  • Avoid all ethylene sources (cigarette smoke, exhaust, space heaters, botrytis, fruits, dirty water, rotting greens and flowers)
  • Berries turn black when exposed to ethylene and/or freezing temperatures
  • If Holly begins to turn black, it may be infected with the disease phytophthera ilicis.  Throw out infected stems to avoid spreading the contamination.
  • Use Chrysal Glory (anti-transpirant) on Holly on arrival
  • Never spray any berried foliage with oil-based leaf shines.  Chrysal Leaf Shine is okay to use because of its silicon base.

Moderate Ethylene Producers

Okay to store dry with flowers as long as temperature is 33-35F

  1. Balsam Fir
  2. Pines: Red, Scotch and White

Low Ethylene Producers

Store bunches at 32-35F

  1. Noble Fir
  2. Incense Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Red Cedar
  3. Huckleberry
  4. Norway Spruce and Hemlock
  5. Boxwood
  6. Eucalyptus
For more information, click here.
Make sure to keep checking the Chrysal Blog and Chrysal Facebook page for seasonal information and tips!


How to maximize the cool berries available for holiday designs—think holly, callicarpa (beauty berry), symphoricarpos (coral berry), rose hips, seeded eucalyptus, privet, mistletoe…



  • Store really cold (33-34F) at temps higher than 35F, it starts deteriorating fast
  • Don’t spray wholly with oil-based shines—causes black berries
  • Chrysal Leaf Shine is silicon-based or water based. Works fine on holly!
  • Berries turn black and fall off when exposed to ethylene. Use Ethylene Buster in coolers for protection

Symphoricarpos and Callicarpa:

  • Treat these gems as cuts and process into Chrysal Professional #2.
  • Both products are ethylene sensitive (berries fall off). Italian research shows that treating with Ethylene Buster (1MCP) improves vase life from 5 to 9 days.

Rose Hips:

  • Store dry and cold. Studies at NC State found neither hydration or flower flood solutions resulted in significant vase life improvement when hips are treated


  • Hold cold and dry unless you plan on extended rotation. In that case, hydrate bunches in Professional #1 or Professional #2.
  • Leaves discolor if sugar level is over 2%
  • Eucalyptus produces LOTS of ethylene when dehydrated.