Steps to Satisfying Valentine customers

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1. You can’t make Chicken soup out of chicken manure:
• The #1 rule for great care and handling is buy quality flowers
• Solutions will maximize the genetic potential of any flower, but no solution will make a bad flower good.

2. Respect Temperatures
• Cooler set point: 34 -38F
• Fluctuating and/or high temperatures rob flowers of vase life.
• Use a needle probe thermometer to measure box temps on arrival.
• Probe through lid in the middle of box.
• Measuring temps through pre-cooling holes gives false positive readings
• Upon Arrival at wholesale or retail
• Use clean buckets!
• Fill with cold water and Professional #1, Rose Pro hydration or Professional #2 solutions (36F)
• Measure to get the dose right
• Cut 1-2 inches using clean, sharp tools
• Let bunches drink for minimum 2 hrs before selling or designing. Flowers don’t hydrate with a quick dip
• Remove only foliage falling below the solution level
• Keep flower heads DRY (limit Botrytis
• Don’t cram bunches in buckets. Flowers need ‘breathing’ room
• Soak foam, fill vases with Chrysal Professional #3

• Use a flower friendly cleaning detergent to disinfect buckets, tools, work surfaces, choppers, trash cans, brooms
• Deep clean and keep cooler floors dry to limit Botrytis problems. Keep all food & fruit apart from flowers


  • Educate staff and customers on proper care of roses—all flowers.
  • Provide flower food for a quart of water and explain how and why to use

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