Natural Love!!


This past weekend a Chrysal friend and flower designer got hitched.  Leti, owner and head designer for FuNKy bUds, married her sweetheart ShawnPaul in an intimate ceremony by the bay in Coral Gables, Fl.  The night was filled with natural beauty from the radiant bride, to the spectacular scenery and gorgeous white flowers EVERYWHERE.   The bride opted for simple yet elegant Calla Lily bouquet and adorned it with a pictured of her grandfather.  The night was perfect with a live band playing irresistible danceable hits, an array of sinfully good seafood appetizers and lots and lots of champagne (I still have that champagne headache) As the end of the party approached they brought out a bunch of balloons, glasses and hats…not a single person looked “dull” and the excitement was quickly documented and posted on facebook.  Those colorful and fun pictures made the “like” buttons go crazy!

Must say outdoor weddings are the best, so long the weather is working for you and  Leti & SP had all the luck that night, must have been all those well wishes & love the couple surrounded themselves with.

Congrats to the bride and groom and cheers to a new chapter & new adventures!!!

The couple will be honeymooning next April in Thailand!!

Here is a link to FuNKy bUds fb page:

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