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Flowers aren’t just for funerals and weddings anymore. Traditionally we can recognize the use of flowers in a more trite fashion like at a wedding or a funeral, or on Mother’s or Valentine’s Day. Today, flowers are used in situations outside the confines of a church or a funeral home. Fresh cut flowers liter the sets of network television shows such as NBC’s the Today Show and Tonight Show. Take the set of Emmy winner Conan O’Brien for example; shiny plants and fresh flowers (usually sunflowers) enhance an already illuminative set. So, how exactly do flowers actually supplement comedy in the media?


Perhaps the funniest family comedy ever written, ABC’s Modern Family, uses an abundance of flowers to demonstrate its style of comical relief. Either used as a prop or a background for the set, flowers are constantly shown. The show features three very different immediate families who are all part of the same family. One of the families, Mitch and Cam are so infatuated with flowers they even named their own adopted daughter Lilly. All three households on the sitcom/mockumentary are lavishly decorated with bouquets throughout the home. An average viewer probably doesn’t recognize the use of flowers, however that’s the point, flowers are part of the norm. It’s refreshing to know that these shows are using flowers as an added attraction to its viewership. Several studies have shown that flowers bring people happiness. One specific study has shown that people who receive one or more bouquets of flowers over a two week span showed an immediate improvement in mood and sociability. Remember to décor your home with a fresh bouquet from time to time, it may even make your family more Modern.


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