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2012 is here and that means new trends & colors for the flower world.  According to the color of the year is a bright Tangerine Tango PANTONE # 17-1463.  This color is sure to brighten up any home and works perfectly with lots of orange gerberas, bright lilies and sun-kissed roses.  Tangerine Tango also compliments lots of floral greens.

The Chrysal marketing team also jumped into the world of colors and conducted a  market research to survey what the color our “Trend Selection Sachets” should be.  Chrysal picked two of the most popular trend themes called:

– Vent du Sud –

– Strong plants, survivors, such as cactuses and succulents.
Also larger pot sizes for various desert plants.
Sharp, spinose, spiky plants, Sansevieria.
Palmaceous, Livingstonia.

– Succulents, groups of plants in small pot sizes, series of small pot sizes.
Dyed flowers and plants in many blue variants.
Oxygenators, fern, Spathiphyllum.
Fragrance stories, Eucalyptus, mint.

– Lots of patterns on flowers and leaves, spots on exotic plants.
A wilder version of Phalaenopsis but also Dendrobium, Miltonia and Cymbidium.
Wilder types of lilies, Alstroemeria and new wispy Gerberas.
Special more robust exotic plants, Bromelia, Calathea and spider Hippeastrum.
The darkest flowers such as brown Anthurium.
– Sand is the new neutral colour, mixed with lots of white or almost white.
The advent of warm lighter shades of brown, terra cotta and leather colours.

– Bright combined with dark, deliberate search for unexpected contrasts.
Dark blue, indigo and deep green.
Various shades of sea blue, azure in various tints.
Deep brown is on the up.

– Vogue –

Women do like seduction, emotion marketing. The majority of our customers are women. Of course, we do bear the entire chain in mind

(including the many male deciders) but ultimately, the end users decide our choices. From push to pull!
– Luxurious and romantic; Lilium, Rosa, Calla, Velvety flowers.
Very large, full flowers, many two-tone roses.
Scalloped and fringed flowers, tulips, Lisianthus.
Large and extraordinary spider-shaped flowers.
One large single stem flower, also in a pot, such as Hydrangea and disbudded Chrysanthemum.

– Retro plants from the fifties, Chrysanthemum, Petunia, Cyclamen, Begonia, Saintpaulia and Dianthus.
Couture flowers, Anthurium, Lilium also as pot plants.
Romantic, double flowers, Begonia, Calandiva®.
Asparagus and Sansevieria.

– Cosy little families of flowering plants in slightly varying colours.
Plants in small pot sizes, mini roses, Kalanchoe, African violet.
Small flowering bulbs, Muscari, hyacinth and crocus.
Granny’s plants, “piggyback plants”, traditional varieties, Begonia, Petunia, Hedera.
British romance, lilacs and new Hydrangea with smaller flowers.
– Pastel shades combined with surprising bright red, purple or pink accents.
The contrast between bold lipstick colors and softer blush colors.

– Pastel shades, even skin tones, salmon pink.
Pale yellow as the newest accent color.

– The advent of pastel colors, especially soft pink, light blue and mint. Matching tones, color families.

After picking the color themes, florists in 5 countries were survived and selected the following colors which matched the Trend themes.

The Green goes with both Trend Themes
The Black and dark Purple go with the Vent du Sud
The Pink and baby Blue go with Vogue.

The new Chrysal Trend Selection also comes with a QR code that links to a mobile site with an educational video on how to care for your flowers as well as tips.

For more information on the Trend Themes for 2012, visit:


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