Weddings are an all around joyous occasion with many beautiful and memorable moments. One moment that always stands out is when the gorgeous bride takes her stride down the aisle. Last time we blogged about the current trending cascade bouquet. As beautiful as these oversized and long bouquets are, they are not for everyone. An option to consider is the glamelia or composite bouquet.

Glamelias or composite bouquets are made of many petals from different flowers to form one large one. The name itself originated from the 1940’s and 50’s. During the war, camelia blooms were too expensive.  So people took the petals of the less expensive gladiolas and made them into what looked like the more expensive flower (via First Come Flowers).

Whichever bridal bouquet you choose to go with, it’s important to keep them looking fresh. Especially with light colored bouquets where wilting is more noticeable, try Chrysal Professional Glory a unique holding spray that helps to retain essential moisture within the cut flower or foliage without the need for extra hydration. When used in place of traditional water, misting will retard deterioration and keep flowers and leaves firm.

There is a current trend in bridal bouquets where the brides are choosing to go bigger and longer. Brides want lots and lots of blooms and rich greenery in their cascade bouquets. One of the greens featured in this current trend is eucalyptus. According to The Knot  “this hearty green is not only pretty, it’s perfect for adding texture, depth and fullness to any arrangement.” With that in mind, here are a couple tips to keep your eucalyptus looking top-notch.

  • Hold cold and dry unless you plan on extended rotation. In that case, hydrate bunches in a Hydration Solution. Leaves discolor if sugar level is over 2%.
  • Eucalyptus produces LOTS of ethylene when dehydrated, so don’t let it dry out or it will affect the rest of the flowers in your cooler!

For more examples and inspiration click here.

Cascades have definitely made a comeback using a wide assortment of blooms. Just take a look at the beautiful bouquet created Monday Morning Flowers below.

Still looking for more inspiration?! Click here.

Hawaiian Floral Mist is an easy to use floral food spray that penetrates, to nourish and rejuvenate cut flowers and greens for longer lasting freshness, without odor, spots or residue. It’s the first and only bio-reactive floral food spray of it’s kind. When Hawaiian Floral Mist mixes with the biology of the plant, it sustains life from the inside.

Using Hawaiian Floral Mist will give you less inventory loss, higher customer satisfaction, a longer selling life, and even allow you to “green-up” for weddings and special events. Corsages and displays that don’t have a direct water source benefit extremely well.


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