Lilac & viburnum

Lilac, (Syringa vulgaris), is the beautiful cousin in a family tree that includes the less attractive, but more versatile cousins of the olive family. Lilac is native to the Balkan Peninsula, where it grows on rocky hillsides. But how do you handle your Lilac’s?

Two Treatment Choices:

  1. Professional #1 – gets the flow going and opens the internal plumbing system of woodies.
  2. Professional #2 – The preferred treatment of Dutch growers because it provides double-duty: Pro#2 kick-starts flow AND provides the energy to keep all those florets looking great.


  • Professional #1 – 2ml per liter (very lean). Slightly shy of 2 teaspoons per gallon.
  • Professional #2 – Double concentrate is 5ml per liter or 4 teaspoons per gallon.
  • Professional #2 – Original formula = 10ml/liter.

Length of treatment time:

  • Overnight drink is best, up to 7 days in cooler.


  • Safe to dump spent bucket solutions in drain.
  • Rinse out concentrate jug before disposing.

Please don’t pound stems -Pounding is old school!

Pounding woody stems causes far more problems than good.


  • Wounded tissues cannot drink – in fact, pounding causes a juice bar for bacteria that explode in the organic juices and dead cells floating in the water.
  • Pounding also triggers internal ethylene production as a stress response. Ethylene causes floret drop. Shortens vase life.
  • Pounding is out. Sharp, clean shears are in!

Hypericum Berries

With 18 different varieties, the Hypericum Berries are the perfect fit for every season. The Hypericum Berries have multiple berries on each stem making them a wonderful filler and accent for many different looks.

But how to handle your Hypericum Berries?! 


Process Hypericum in Chrysal Professional # 3
(the same solution used to fill vases and soak foam)

Our Senior Technical manager, Rolf Timmerman, informs us that a major importer in the Dutch market treats all his hypericum (imported from Ecuador and Africa) with an overnight drink on Chrysal Professional # 3 to get the berries swelling to a bigger size.

More color, more interest!


DETAILS – Chrysal Professional #3


  • Liquid = 1oz per ½ gallon.
  • Powder = 1oz per 3qts water.



  • Lowers pH to boost flow.
  • Keeps water clear and flowing up to 5-7 days depending on temperature.
  • Provides nutrients for bigger berries, improved color vibrancy.