Blooming branches!

Delicate buds opening on almond, peach and forsythia branches…whispering the promise of spring’s beauty!


  • Cut when buds are swollen, but tight.
  • Hydrate branches overnight in cooler in Chrysal Professional #2.
  • Remove from buckets, wrap bundles in plastic to protect sensitive buds from dehydrating and getting knocked off.
  • Branches are stored cold (33-34F) and dry.
  • Avoid ethylene exposure. Recommend Ethylene Buster truck kits to treat cooler or trucks.


  • Option #1 -Keep bunches dry through sales period.
  • Option #2 -Re-start flow by processing branches in Chrysal Professional #2.
  • Store at 33-34F.  Cold!
  • Cold temperature reduces stress to buds and helps protect from ethylene exposure.
  • All flowering branches are very sensitive to ethylene. Avoid exposure by avoiding ethylene sources like auto exhaust, dirty bucket water, cigarette smoke, rotting fruits in forgotten lunch sacks left in coolers!


Branches arrive thirsty – Time to turn on the flow!



  • Prep buckets with Chrysal Professional #2 and COLD water. No ice–ice dilutes the dose and bacterial soup is the result.
  • Give stems a cut with sharp, clean shears. No smashing, splitting, cooking or pounding.
  • Smashing releases loads of organic juices and cells into solution. Bacteria LOVE this soup.
  • Stems drink from the bottom so fill buckets 1/3 full.
  • Top-up as needed with fresh solution, not tap-water.
  • Allow stems to drink at least 6-12 hours before using in design or selling—especially important if branches have been held dry for more than 3 days.

Changing solutions 

  • Chrysal Pro #2 solution is active for up to 5-7 days.
  • Florets are sensitive to ethylene so avoid exposure.
  • Treat your cooler with Chrysal Ethylene Buster to reduce loss.
  • Keep clear of sources of cigarette, space heaters, fireplaces…
  • All combustion engines produce ethylene—avoid backing delivery vans into dock areas and leaving on idle.


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