Nothing is more important than family during the holiday season.  One local Miami Wholesaler/Importer understands the true meaning of family.

Mike Black and his sons Jared, Mike Jr., and Ryan

Jet Fresh Flowers was established by the Black family in January of 2008 with the idea of creating long-lasting relationships, and going above and beyond to make the customer happy.  Michael Black, founder and president, has nearly 34 years of experience as a retailer, wholesaler, importer, bouquet maker, floral buyer and floral logistics coordinator.  Originally from New York, Michael began working for his grandfather’s wholesale company at a very young age, and he’s passed this same passion and knowledge down to his children, the 4th generation.  Mike has 2 & 1/2 of his sons as well as his wife, “Mommy” Black, working by his side, making Jet Fresh Flowers one of the few remaining family-owned and operated businesses with four generations of floral industry knowledge and experience.

Jet Fresh Outlet store

A local Miami wholesaler and importer, Jet Fresh has made tremendous progress since opening their doors in 2008 at JA Flower Services.  Jet Fresh offers a large variety of fresh cut flowers specializing in roses, garden roses, gerbera daisies, tropical flowers and hand tied designer bouquets.  In conjunction with their operation, they recently opened up the Jet Fresh Flowers Outlet store.  The outlet was created to serve all participants of the local flower trade including, but not limited to, Florists, Wedding/Event Planners, Bouquet Makers, Caterers, Restaurants, Hotels and more.  The Jet Fresh Outlet offers flowers by the bunch, where the main office sells flowers by the box.  The outlet helps florists, bouquet makers, and event planners to manager their inventory better because they can buy bunches as they need them for specialty orders and samples.  The Jet Fresh Flowers Outlet keeps its inventory refrigerated in low velocity, temperature controlled, chilled water infused with Chrysal floral nutrients.  All of their products are treated with Chrysal floral nutrients which ensure that the flowers are always fresh.  Jet Fresh president, Michael Black, is enthusiastic about the companies growth and representation in South America but still hopes to keep his operation smaller, focusing on the core values of service 1st, creating long-lasting relationships and ensuring they are offering the freshest product to the customer.

Jet Fresh Flowers believes in staying fresh, from every flower they sell all the way to marketing.  Ryan Black, Marketing and Media Director, keeps all marketing and social media informative, entertaining and even socially conscious and relevant.  If you don’t believe us, check it out for yourself by visiting Jet Fresh Flowers Youtube page and Jet Fresh Flowers Facebook page.


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We all know the true centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table is the turkey.  But what sets the mood of the table while the turkey is in the oven?  It is important to create a beautiful and festive centerpiece for the table before the main attraction arrives.  Here are Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas you will be sure to thank us for.

  1. Choose a floral arrangement that is comfortable and inviting.
  2. Use festive colors.  The usual thanksgiving color palette includes shades of orange, auburn, red and yellow.  Be sure the floral arrangement you choose complements these colors.  We recommend trying Calla Lilies this year.  Callas come in a variety of fall colors that will look stunning in your thanksgiving centerpiece.
  3. Get inspired by things around you.  Look outdoors for pine cones, twigs, berries and other foliage that can complement your centerpiece.  It will add lovely fragrance too!
  4. Food isn’t only for eating.  Many use food items as part of their table centerpieces.  Corn, squash, nuts, and grapes are some popular centerpiece additions.
  5. Whicker baskets or glass mason jars work well to showcase the items of your centerpiece.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece by Riverdale Farms, Inc. at WFFSA 2013

Some Calla Recommendations

Slimy calla stems getting you down?  Treat flowers in Chrysal Professional Gerbera solution to control the bacteria frenzy that happens within a couple hours in the juices callas leak into the water.

White callas, (Z. eathopica): Professional Gerb pills are active up to 3 days. On the 4th day, start fresh. Use sharp cutters or a clean knife to avoid ragged stems. Ragged ends leak cells into the bucket water which act as a juice bar for bacteria!

Colored callas—Use same initial procedure for 12hrs to 3 days. Once stems are hardened off,  transfer blooms into Bulb T-bag solution. This formula prevents stem yellowing and provides nutrients needed for vibrant bloom color.

Blogs that helped inspire us:

Chrysal is proud to announce that Hakbijl Glass is now available in North America.  Hakbijl Glass is a family owned company who have been producing glass since 1931.

Hakbijl Glass is European market leader in designing and selling decorative glass objects, such as vases, platters and pots. With Hakbijl’s unique collection they continuously stay on top of international trends.

Chrysal takes great pride in our top quality care products for cut flowers and plants. Chrysal’s products always highlight the beauty of cut flowers and Chrysal believes that every bloom deserves a beautiful vase. Therefore Chrysal has partnered with Hakbijl to distribute top quality and unique designed vases in the Americas. With similar Dutch roots and a rich history in the horticultural industry, Chrysal and Hakbijl are an ideal match.

Here are a few styles available from Chrysal Americas:

Color trends are constantly changing the floral industry with every passing year and season.  The color palette for flowers is looking more and more like the paint aisle at your local home improvement store, having every color and shade available to choose from.  It’s important to stay up to date with what colors are “in” so you can choose the popular colors to use in your floral arrangements.

Moving into the new year, we are seeing a lot of bright, bold and vibrant colors trending upward.  The hot pinks, lime greens, and deep blues are amongst some of the favorites right now.  Also, pastel palettes are a big favorite for creating light and delicate floral arrangements.  Pantone recently named the color for Spring 2014 and it is Dazzling Blue.  As well, don’t forget about the usual fall trends of reds, oranges, and auburns which are always prominent this time of year.

Neil Gold of Galleria Farms shared with us his knowledge of the trends.  Neil looks to other industries like fashion and home decor for trend ideas and keeps up to date by attending seminars on color trends.  It’s good to know that the suppliers are keeping up with the trends and offering you the popular colors, even offering special hand painted flowers to meet your color needs.  Color specialists such as Pantone and CMG begin planning for color trends two years in advance.

Chrysal conducts its own research along with Trend Logic by Flora Holland to create our Trend Selection Sachets. These flower food packets are a great reminder to your customers that your art is made to last longer.  Click here to see Chrysal’s Trend Selection Flower Food Packets.

A unique and cost-efficient way to use the trend forecast is to find products that complement the color trends of the year.  Whites, greens, yellows, and oranges are always good complements to Dazzling Blue.  Your brides and/or clients might be already using the 2014 color palette in a lot of other areas of the event, so its important to understand complementary color schemes.  Don’t forget to print out the Pantone 2014 color palette and start inspiration boards on Pinterest to get ideas for your arrangements.




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