Flowers and plants aren’t just for looks anymore.  Certain flowers and plants have filtering properties that are very beneficial to the environment and to the air we breathe.

According to Feng Shui master, Mijeong Shin the ancient art of Feng Shui is associated with properly maintaining a positive flow of energy (chi) consistent with your environment. Plants are considered a key factor in harnessing this energy through forms of air purification; orientation and special arrangements insinuate wellbeing.

NASA research on the filtering properties and effectiveness of different house plants has shown that jade plants reduce the level of benzene by 73% over a 24 hour period. Rubber plants were most effective at reducing formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia (chemicals with cancer-causing properties), while croton mammy red displays consistent anti-amoebic and anti-plasmodial activity which is tied to auto—immune disorders, malaria and some forms of cancer. Peace lilies (spathyphylum) are capable of filtering chemicals across numerouscategories. It is one of the most highly regarded plants according to Feng Shui known to balance distress and task management in personal and business practices. (greenProfit January 2013)

Still not convinced? Consider the most important function supporting life on earth, photosynthesis; a filtering process where plants utilize CO2 and release O2.

Merging research with Feng Shui applications provides consumers compelling information and fuels purchases

NASA list of top air filtering plants:

Chrysal offers several products for potted plants, like our top-selling Leafshine or our innovative Chrysal Orchid Food.

Here’s a little recap from Chrysal at the WF&FSA convention:

The Wholesale Florist & Floral Supplier Association (WF&FSA) held its annual Floral Distribution Conference this weekend in Miami, FL, the nation’s hub of flower logistics.  This annual event by WF&FSA helps provide networking and business opportunities to wholesale distributors and floral suppliers.  This conference is the gathering place for key members of the floral industry – wholesalers, growers, suppliers, logistics, transportation and more.  Over 200 members of the floral industry attended the event hoping to educate and network with other members of the industry.  A special thank you to Perfection for the beautiful flowers that were displayed at the Chrysal tabletop.

Those who stayed extra late to network or took a little longer taking down their displays were in for a treat.  Donald Trump himself happened to be at his resort last week and the Chrysal USA marketing team met him!  The Donald was all smiles when it came to longer lasting flowers and saving money with Chrysal.



WF&FSA Floral Distribution Conference 2013

October 23-25

Donald Trump Resort – Miami, FL

Because fall menus shift to include lots of non-flower botanicals like pumpkins on a stick, leaves and sprigs of wheat, solution use shifts a bit too. The sugar in flower food, so important for flower color and longevity is not too important for leaves and grasses, but super-clean water is.


Why use Flower Food this Autumn?

One of the beauties of grasses, wheat, twigs, wheat, and millet is that they do not require special treatment. Studies conducted by Chrysal UK technicians for a large chain found that bucket water exploded with bacteria and pollutants when bouquets included “autumn” items. Tests showed Professional Gerbera solutions gave the best pollution control when these non-flowering items were pretreated to rid stems of dust, bacteria and germs before elements were placed in mixed bouquets. The pills are a one-time use solution and are active up to 3 days.


If berried branches are part of your autumn and winter flower program, avoid exposing the product to sources of ethylene gas which includes exhaust from combustion engines, cigarette and BBQ smoke, rotting green trash (both bacteria and Botrytis produce ethylene). Always store sphagnum moss (another source of ethylene gas) apart from flowers and berries. Empty and wash out trash cans regularly.

Always use flower food when soaking foam, it will keep the water fresh and provide extra vase life to your arrangements.