Artificial plants and flowers have the many advantages, however just like a great pair of shoes if you don’t take care of them right they wont last or look as pretty.  After a while, their color fades and they get covered in dust and dirt.  Here are some tips for working with Silk and dried floral arrangements:

Silk Designing:

  • Always remember, not only in silk flower arranging but in all flower arranging, the big flowers will always be inserted at the focal area.
  • Silk flowers stems are made from wires so that they are easy to bend. But some stems are really thick and difficult to cut. You need to invest in a good wire cutter in order to be able to cut those stems. A good technique which I also practise is, when your stems are difficult to cut, use the wire cutter to make a cut mark on the stem. Then, use your hands to bend the stem forward and backward until it breaks.

Dried Flower Designing:

  • Since the weight of many flowers can cause the heads to droop or break after drying, stems are usually removed prior to dried flower arranging. This is usually best when done when the flower is still moist and soft, since the dried specimens are often too brittle. Trim the dried stem so there is about a little over an inch left. Then floral wire can be inserted through the stem and partway into the bloom.
  • When the flower has dried completely, both the stem and the wire should be wrapped in floral tape.
  • Dried flowers are very delicate, after they are wrapped with floral tape use Chrysal Silk and Dried Flower Cleaner to keep the stems looking pretty.  Some people use hairspray to secure them but hairspray will not keep the dust and dirt from settling and can also cause the flowers to become flammable.


  • Use Chrysal Silk & Dried Flower Cleaner, it is safe for all silk, fabric and dried flower arrangements.
  • It cleans ans freshens with just one spray.  Dust and dirt on your artificial arrangement become invisible.  A monthly treatment is enough to beautify and protect the color and quality of fabric.
  • No Wiping required.  Coat before arranging and use monthly.
  • Great product for office plants, corporate silk flowers, home arrangements, etc.
  • Keep your silk flower arrangements looking fresh

As a floral professional making that first impression count is key.  Chrysal wants to help your customers enjoy their flowers to the fullest.  Chrysal has all the solutions you need but following these tips can help as well.

The Invisible Enemy:

  • Bacteria thrive on the sugary sap that leaks from all stems.
  • They double every 20 mins and in 10 hrs. 100 bacteria cells can become more than 100 billion cells.
  • They live in dirty buckets, unclean flower preparation tables, unclean cutting tools and they invade the flower through the cut ends and quickly block the water conducting vessels to the flower head.  This causes flower wilting and a very short vase life.
  • Bacteria can be detected by rubbing your fingers around the inside of your bucket or vase- a slippery feel indicates a presence of bacteria.  Likewise if the vase or bucket water is smelly – then bacteria are actively growing.

How to manage this?

  • Clean buckets inside and out with floral cleaner like Chrysal Cleaner.  Soap and detergent will not kill bacteria.
  • Let floral buckets dry before they are stacked.
  • Clean your floral cutting tools and tables daily.

Flower foods are the key

  • Chrysal has designed flower foods that manage the water environment by keeping it clean and adjust the water pH for the best uptake of water.
  • Flower shops and Floral professionals who use Chrysal Professional 2 at the correct does will lower labor cost for cleaning vases and buckets.  They will have longer lasting flowers and will have greater customer satisfaction.  Importantly, if used correctly, profits will rise.
  • Flower shop customers who use the Chrysal flower food packets will have longer lasting flowers and are more likely to return to your flower shop more often because they are happy with their flowers.

Flower arrangement in plain water vs. flowers drinking Chrysal flower food. Day 7