Results Cemented in Principles

Principle #1:  Start with clean buckets, clean tools, clean work tables

Principle #2   Take out only amount of boxes of flowers from cooler possible to process in 30 minutes

Principle #3:  Set up buckets. Measure when preparing solutions

Principle #4:  Cut 1-2 inches off stems, immediately transfer flowers into bucket solution. Keep leaves out of solution, but refrain from stripping foliage-leaves are the pumps

Principle #5:  Let condensation evaporate from petals & sleeves before moving product into cooler

Principle #6:  Remove inner cardboard, but keep sleeves intact to avoid mechanical damage

Principle #7:  Allow dry-pack flowers to harden-on off for min. 2 hours before using in design work

Principle #8:  OK to add fresh solution to top up buckets, but never pour old solutions together

Principle #9:  Shiny leaves on cut roses and shiny foliage plants look fresh and sell. Dusty looks tired



Keep petals dry. Remove and toss infected parts into covered trash can. Work clean

Nothing says Valentine’s Day unless love is thrown in. 

Week of January 23—29
a) Prepare work schedules. Identify which non-floral associates will help in floral
b) Decorate Floral Department
c) Complete candy arrangements
d) Fill water tubes with Chrysal Professional #2
e) Indentify incremental display location(s)
f) Post “at a glance” instructions for prepping flowers

o Right solution for the job: Chyrsal Prof #2 for buckets. Pro #3 for vases.
o How deep to fill buckets (1/3—1/2)
o How much to cut off stems (1-2inches)
o How many bunches per bucket
o NOT to strip foliage from stems
o What cooler to store finished products

Week of January 30—Feb 5

a) Make sure ALL floral supplies are in. No supply orders during VD week
b) Review VD work schedule / make changes. Staff heaviest for the 14th
c) Balloon set-up
d) Determine display area for impact items (orchids , tulip pots, etc)
e) Upgrade potted. Dust off last year’s left over bows and pouffs
f) Make sure wire catalogues are out and everyone knows how to use

Week of February 6—12

a) Create balloon bouquets
b) Begin fresh arrangement production
c) Start pre-greening rose vases. Fill vases with Chrysal Professional #2 or Pro #3.
d) Spray pre-green vases with Chrysal leaf shine to avoid dehydration.
e) Identify space allotments in dairy and produce coolers for arrangements

February 9

a) Communicate to receiving manager and GM how large your in-bound load will be
b) Identify where it is to be stored
c) Staff heavy to process entire load of dry-pack blooms. Leave NOTHING in boxes!
2 REASONS WHY: 1. So you can inspect the product. 2. Allow time for flowers to hydrate 100%
d) Prepare processing buckets using cold water and Chrysal Professional #2
e) Teach extra help how to wrap flowers

February 11
a) Mass-produce rose arrangements
b) Build displays

February 12
a) Arrange to have all displays completed by noon
b) Expand ALL fresh cut displays—get every stem out on the floor

February 13
a) Floral managers help customers, NOT run registers!
b) Assign someone to refill arrangements with freshly-made Chrysal Pro #2 or Pro#3
c) Set up Cupid check out lane at end of day. Prep location with floral wrapping paper
d) Remind the register people that the holiday is UPC-driven!

a) Instruct all staff to up-sell EVERYTHING!! Remember–everything in a vase SELLS!