Gold, silver, white make for the stunning compliments for any holiday arrangement. All year long we have seen a large amount of succulents in floral designs. So naturally we expect to see a lot of them this holiday season. The muted silvery tones of the texture rich plant mix wonderfully with traditional evergreens and other winter foliage.

Recently while in Seattle for ASCFG National Conference we loved seeing the different succulent wreaths and designs. It’s a great way to welcome your Holiday Guest with a LIVE plant that they you can replant in your gardens or theirs! Another popular idea is using Succulents in clear glass ornaments, living ornaments are Green and GORGEOUS!

We recommend that when you cut succulents for floral arrangements or wreaths that you clean the roots and wire the stems. Keeping succulents in the pot and using them for centerpieces is also a great way to gift your guest these little beauties.

Here are a few other pictures that we collected at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market!

Here is some information on Seattle Wholesale Growers Market:
Nineteen flower farms from Washington, Oregon and Alaska belong to this producers’ cooperative, born of a brainstorm at the ASCFG 2010 Regional Meeting. The cooperative is dedicated to revitalizing the Northwest cut flower industry by directly marketing local crops. Located in the original Rainier Brewery building, it is open three days a week to professional floral buyers, whose fall purchases can include decorative kale, bittersweet, Peterkort roses and lilies, snowberry, curly willow, wreaths and decorative squash and gourds.

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