During the IPM in Essen last January, we organized a game at our booth. Visitors were asked to fill in a form to point out the differences between Chrysal treated and non treated flowers and plants.

We had two winners of the iPad: Johan Hassing of Flower Direct and Bert de Jong of Sierex (Ciccolella). Both were really surprised and very happy to get such a present of Chrysal.  A nice gesture of Bert; he gave the present away to Yvonne, his right hand! Make sure to visit Chrysal at the next industry fair to learn about our products and maybe win an ipad.

History: The white, large funnel shaped blooms of callas (Zantedeshia aethiopica) are alluring in any garden. especially when the light is diminished at dawn or dusk. These flowers stand tall on sturdy stems and have long been used in floral designs. The smaller, colorful hybridized cousins (Z. elliottiana) are newer to the cut flower scene. This group offers a vibrant color palette and the same sensual shape, with spathe sizes more diminutive than their elders.

Vase Life: Both white and colored callas last between 6-8 days.


Special handling needs:

  • Handle with care as flowers (or stems) with creases, bruises or mechanical damage loose commercial value. Check bucket height so stems do not touch the plastic, but also do not conk over the side.
  • Callas are very sensitive to pollution in the water that impedes flow. Recommend to add a Chrysal Professional Gerbera pill to the water in calla buckets.
  • Mix solution in clean buckets and cut stems with a clean, sharp cutter or knife
  • Respect temperature parameters. Store callas at 34-38F


WHOLESALE / Retail Handling:

  • Callas respond best at wholesale level treated in a slow-release chlorine solution.
  • Recommend Chrysal Professional Gerbera pills.
  • Pills keep pollution in check and are active for up to 3-4 days.

Recommended RETAIL treatment:

  • Chrysal Professional #2. The minimum sugar in the solution helps prevent stem curl and keeps colors vibrant all the way to the end
  • Cut stems with a clean, sharp knife. (Avoid ragged ends)



  • Fill clean vase with flower food and cold water. Give stems a fresh cut before placing in solution
  • Recommend Chrysal flower food formulated for bulbous flowers or Chrysal Universal food.
  • Top up vases with fresh flower food, not tap water
  • Cut callas with a sharp, clean knife.
  • Follow directions on packet
  • Top-up vases with fresh food, not tap water.


Have you ever kept a favorite shirt just hoping that style comes back, even though it is over 2 decades old.  Well trends do come back and it seems the “VINTAGE” trend is going strong.  Here is a wedding where the bride was inspired with a Romantic/Vintage feel.  Even though she wanted vintage flowers, we made sure to keep the flowers alive and colorful, not brown and outdated.  Chrysal Glory combats premature browning and deterioration.