Protection against ethylene

  • Protect poinsettias against ethylene—they are sensitive!
  • Ethylene Buster (EB) is eco friendly, easy and flexible.
  • Available in two delivery methods: truck kits for large areas and trailers and sachets for boxes.
  • Size of area determines how many pills or sachets are needed for protection
  • L x W x H = volume of area to treat
  • Truck kits:  Determine amount of pills for space treated. 1 pill treats 375ft3.
  • Drop EB pills into activator pot. Replace lid.  Water activates the release of the gas
  • Moisten sachets in water before dropping into shipping boxes.
  • Close holes to trap gas inside
  • Allow 4 hours minimum for treatment.

Avoid ethylene exposure.

–  Never expose or store poinsettias in same area as Douglas fir or Redwood. Both types of foliage produce LOTS of ethylene.

–  Make sure no cigarette smoke drifts in from the back dock smokers’ corner



  • These plants like bright (indirect) light.
  • These Mexican natives love indoor temperatures between 65F—75F


Out of Sleeves, fast!

  • Remove sleeves as soon as the shipment arrives. Handle with care as bracts snap easily.
  • Delivering in cold climates?  Paper sleeves will not protect against chill damage.
  • Get out the frost pack and blanket poinsettias for successful deliveries.


  • Overwatering and/or letting plants sit in water kills most plants—poinsettias included
  • Every 8-10 days is sufficient.
  • Allow water to drain completely through the pot to avoid accumulation of salts in the soil profile. Salt accumulation causes burning on leaf margins.
  • Take care to keep the leaves and red bracts dry.
  • Remove pot cover, slowly soak soil surface (tepid water) until water flows out the bottom.  Then repeat the same action so air pockets in soil are completely filled with water.
  • Never leave the pot submerged. Roots drown without oxygen.
  • Don’t worry about fertilizing; growers prep plants with enough food to sustain them through their month-long beauty pageant


How to maximize the cool berries available for holiday designs—think holly, callicarpa (beauty berry), symphoricarpos (coral berry), rose hips, seeded eucalyptus, privet, mistletoe…



  • Store really cold (33-34F) at temps higher than 35F, it starts deteriorating fast
  • Don’t spray wholly with oil-based shines—causes black berries
  • Chrysal Leaf Shine is silicon-based or water based. Works fine on holly!
  • Berries turn black and fall off when exposed to ethylene. Use Ethylene Buster in coolers for protection

Symphoricarpos and Callicarpa:

  • Treat these gems as cuts and process into Chrysal Professional #2.
  • Both products are ethylene sensitive (berries fall off). Italian research shows that treating with Ethylene Buster (1MCP) improves vase life from 5 to 9 days.

Rose Hips:

  • Store dry and cold. Studies at NC State found neither hydration or flower flood solutions resulted in significant vase life improvement when hips are treated


  • Hold cold and dry unless you plan on extended rotation. In that case, hydrate bunches in Professional #1 or Professional #2.
  • Leaves discolor if sugar level is over 2%
  • Eucalyptus produces LOTS of ethylene when dehydrated.