It is important to cut off a piece (at least 2-5 cm) of the stem if the flowers have been out of water for about 30 minutes.

The knife or secateurs or other cutting device should always be kept sharp.  This is very important, since blunt blades will crush the flower stems, which will result in more damaged and leaking cells that stimulate the micro-organisms growth and resulting loss of vase life.

The knives and secateurs must also be extremely clean.  Dirty tools will infect the cut surface and therefore the vase water, which negatively affects the flower development.  A florist should disinfect his/her tools at least on a daily basis and ideally sharpen them.  Good tools are on the top of the list for important florist supply.  The consumer should clean his/ her knife or secateurs before each use.  If using rose bush tools make sure to properly scrub them.