12 Flower Care Tips for Valentine’s Day Flowers


Flower preparation is just as important as the flower handling itself. Here are 12 flower care tips for Valentine’s, that will ensure longer vase life…

  • Start off with a clean work space and clean materials (buckets, cutters, vases, etc). 
  • Always measure out your solutions correctly. Overdosing or under-dosing wastes time and money.
  • Prep your buckets with COLD water. Pre-chilling buckets a day ahead will work even better.
  • Fill bucket 1/3 full. During holidays, mark bucket with tape for quick filling. 
  • Do not use ice since it dilutes the dosage.
  • Use sharp, clean tools to prevent contamination and maximize solution efficacy.
  • Get stems into solution quickly to reduce air bubbles entering the system. 
  • Never combine the old solution with the fresh new solution.
  • Top-up with flower food solution and not water.
  • Give a fresh cut when you prepare fresh bucket solutions.
  • Keep leaves out of vase water. 
  • Avoid dripping any solution or water on petals and flowers. Try to keep them as dry as possible.
According to the National Retail Federation adults intended to spend an average of $40.20 on flowers for Valentine’s Day. Following these tips and using floral nutrients is a great financial investment and more importantly necessary to preserve your floral reputation.

6 replies on “12 Flower Care Tips for Valentine’s Day Flowers

  • Pat Ellson

    Interesting that you should say to use cold water. I recently learned from another source that to revive seriously flagging flowers that have come from a distributor, it is best to use very warm water because the stems absorb it better, then place the bucket in the cold. I had to question this because I have always used cold water especially in the heat of the summer.

    • Chrysal

      Hi Pat, thanks for your comment. The reason we say use cold water is because cold water will not open up the flowers as quickly as the warm water. When hydrating cold water reaches the stem and hydrates whereas warm water might go up quickly but will blow open the blooms. If you want maximum vase life use cold water, if you want to use flowers for an event or open them quickly then we suggest warm water.


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